Entrance Offers

Entry Fee - One Hundred and Twenty Pesos (P 120.00) for the Day Guests and One Hundred & Fifty (P.150.00) for night swimmers (2 1/2 feet and above)
Free choice of any available tables, cottages or cabanas but subject to table charge
All available tables, cottage & cabana reservations are subject to a small fee. Please make early reservations as we adhere to a "first come, first serve" basis.
Access to all pool, beach and shower facilities.
Free use of dining equipment (plates, spoon, fork, glasses and other dining utensils) at your request (wash as you return)
The resort have the available supply of charcoal and firewood with a minimal fee of Sixty (60) pesos
Use of Refrigerator and Mobile Kitchen for a minimal fee of Twenty-five (25) peso per hour.
Assistance of our Resort Staff & Waitress

Table Options

Small Table - P. 100.00   5 pax (per table)
Long Table - P. 200.00   10 pax (per table)

Private Pool with grilling set and wash basin

Private Pool : P. 1,200.00

Freebies & Other Concessions

Free entrance for the disabled
Any electrical equipment/devices are subject to electrical fee.
Free entrance to children 2 1/2 feet below
20% Discount for Senior Citizens aged Sixty(60) old and above. (Please present ID).

Cabana Accommodations:

Cabana 1 : P. 1,500.00 (can accommodate 30 pax)
Cabana 2: P. 750.00 (can accommodate 15 pax)
Cabana 3: P.1,500.00 (can accommodate 30 pax)
Cabana 4: P. 750.00 (can accommodate 15 pax)
All Cabanas are provided with
built in wash basins and grilling sets, functional
for broiling and cooking.

Private Area (With KTV):

Area 1: (20 pax) 2nd Floor for 8 hrs Php.2,500.00
Area 2: (25 pax) 2nd Floor for 8 hrs Php.3,000.00
Area 3: (80 pax) 2nd Floor for 8 hrs Php.6,000.00
Area 4: (30 pax) Ground Floor for 8 hrs Php.3,000.00
Area 5: (50 pax) 2nd Floor for 8 hrs Php.4,000.00
With dart, chess and dama tables, Beach Front